Friday, February 10, 2006

An "Information or Learning Commons," what is it?

Here at Brockport's Drake Library we are working to build an Information or Learning Commons. What is it? It really is just combining resources and research opportunities all together in one convenient location. Both traditional library "reference" help, e.g. "Where can I get articles on...," IT help, e.g. "How do I burn a CD..." are available, as well as both traditional library print resources, and modern online resources, as well as many, many PCs which have all available campus lab software. To this we will be adding in the near term future digital video editing workstations, featuring high end PCs and Macs. We will add more services and resources as we go along. So you can come in, get a coffee, find and check out books, get help locating articles, write up your paper or PowerPoint, edit that video clip you downloaded, all in one comfortable and supportive location!

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