Wednesday, April 12, 2006


We've had a question or two lately about our audio book collection. To be honest, our audio book collection is pretty small, as that sort of thing isn't generally too primary in supporting student research, which is our main goal. We do have a few things, you can search for them in the catalog, or browse them; they're against that central staircase on the main floor of the library. The public libraries, including Brockport's own Seymour Library on the north end of the village, all have much bigger collections. You can search their holdings in the "Libra" catalog. (Students - if you live in Monroe County, either full time or as a student resident, you can get a Monroe County public library card to borrow books. If you currently live outside Monroe County, like you commute from Orleans County, you'd have to pay $30 for a Monroe County card - or you could use your own local public libraries!)

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