Thursday, May 11, 2006

Amazing new reference set!

Just in: the new 2006 edition of the "Historical Statistics of the United States." This updates the previous edition of 1975, which was done by the U.S. government. This set is from Cambridge Press and beautifully done. It is a five volume set of historical statistics on a very wide range of topics, ranging from population to economics to government and much more. Many of the statistics given would not be readily available elsewhere, either in print or online. One can find in volume one for example in the immigration section a several page table, "Immigrants, by country of last residence, 1820-1997," or in volume three there is a table of "Disposition of municipal solid waste, 1960-2000," and volume five has a table on "Imports of selected commodities, 1790-1989." It's in the reference collection on the main floor, REF HA202 .H57.

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