Monday, September 18, 2006

Howard Stern on 60 Minutes

Did you see the bit on Yahoo news today about Howard Stern's appearance on 60 Minutes last night? You may not realize it, but thru the library you can get complete transcripts of many news broadcasts, including those of 60 Minutes.

On our home page ( click on "Finding Articles." Then click on "Lexis" from over on the right. Click the "Guided News Search" tab, then change the drop down boxes to "News Transcripts" and "All" (unless you know which channel you want.) I searched for Howard Stern, in the last week, and right at the top of the list I got was the transcript from last night's show. Here's some of the dialog...

'BRADLEY: Howard, you're sick.Mr. STERN: I'm a sick man. Ed, you don't...BRADLEY: You're sick.Mr. STERN: don't understand this stuff.'

Fascinating stuff, you should read it! ;-)

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