Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MetroCenter & Claude Bragdon

"Mathematics is the handwriting on the human conciousness of the very Spirit of Life itself." Or so said Claude Bragdon, Rochester area architect who built a building for the Chamber of Commerce that today is the college's MetroCenter building.

Not only an architect, Bragdon was a stage designer and philosopher, interested in the occult and New Age philosophies of the early 20th century, in particular in the existence of the fourth dimension, and reincarnation. If you're in MetroCenter sometime look up at the ceiling on the ground floor and notice the elaborate plaster reliefs high up, symbols of infinity.

You can learn more about Bragdon at this Rochester Public Library site. His autobiography, "More Lives Than One" is readily available at area libraries and through our inter-library loan service (Drake Library does not have a copy.)

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