Monday, March 19, 2007

Word 2007 - caution!

Just a friendly warning: if you buy, or download the trial version, of the new Office Suite, Word 2007, it saves your document files by default as ".docx" files. So? Well, ".docx" files will not open on PCs with Word 2003, which only uses ".doc" files. IT staff here are currently working to install a "converter" on our PCs for these files...

Bottom line: if you do happen to be using Word 2007, and want to bring those files here (or to most places probably) you would be best off to save the file as a ".doc" file, which you can do in Word 2007. Then it will open on PCs like ours here which do not have Office 2007. If you bring it in as a ".docx" file though it may be difficult to open the file.

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