Monday, April 16, 2007

Who orders all the books?

We get asked that occasionally, who orders the books, and it's a good question. The books are largely ordered by the faculty in the different departments, in coordination with the librarians, each of whom works with several departments as their "liasion."

Each department gets a slice of the budget that is based on how many majors they have and similar factors.

A major challenge has been that for a number of years our book budget has not increased with inflation, thus reducing the number of books we can buy.

Here's the main acquisitions page, with links to lots of information about our book ordering.

Have suggestions about books to order? Great! And yes, student suggestions are very welcome! Email the librarian who covers that area - their emails and departments are in the list of library liasions. Not sure who on the list to contact? Email Debra Ames at

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