Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another try at an ebook reader

One of our librarians mentioned today that Amazon.com is taking a stab at the ebook, with a new style reader and model of purchase and features (for example, you can receive the newspaper on it!)

This is the Amazon link to it, and many reviews are available online already, like this one at BrightHand.

The end of paper books? Not yet in this blogger's view. There are still many issues, from cost of the reader, to it's longevity as a platform, and the important issue of having an ebook format limited to a certain manufacturer - what if you want to have ebooks from other sources? An interesting try though!

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Hockey Librarian said...

I've read some books on my PDA. The number 1 issue I have with e-books for leisure reading is how well they can be read while sitting in a sunny location.

I know there are times that I have to stop playing with my Nintendo DS in the car, due to light issues. A print book always works!