Monday, February 04, 2008

Academic Search Premier tips

Many of you already use Academic Search Premier. It's the largest, general purpose site we have for journal, magazine and newspaper articles. You can of course search it for articles, and print off the ones you like as you see them (or e-mail them to yourself, or save them to your PC.)

But, did you know that there is also a "folder" option? When you're in Academic Search, (or it's related sites, like Business Search etc.), look at the upper right of the page for the word "folder." Click on it and if you haven't used it before sign up for this free option. You can save articles there, and they will be there the next time you sign back in, even if you logged off or are on a different PC.

It's a preference thing, maybe you do like to print them as you see them, but this way if you like you can store them up and then go through them later!

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