Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting help

The semester is moving along, and many of you, students and faculty, are getting busier and busier. If you're busy with research, and have questions like:
  • Where do I find articles on __________?
  • How do I find the full text of the article I want?
  • I can only find a couple books on _____ in the catalog, are there more somewhere?
  • I need statistics on ______, where can I find them?

Don't be shy about asking a librarian for help! That's part of our job, you are most definitely not "bothering" us. We wouldn't work here if we didn't enjoy helping people, indeed, for many of us that is the highlight of our jobs.

Talk to us in person at the reference desk (One of us is there until 1:45am Sunday-Thursday!) Call us at 395-2760. IM us at drakeref. Email us at Set up a one on one appointment for more extensive help. All this information can be found by clicking on the Ask A Librarian or Chat link on our web page.

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Jen said...

If you'd like to make a quick web page to help answer some of these questions, we could put it under the "how do I?" section of the main web page. I'd love to have help with that, and I have noticed students do use it for the primary sources and finding newspaper articles.