Friday, March 07, 2008

Did men really land on the moon?

Recently Marion Cotillard, a French actress and recent Oscar winner, questioned the Apollo lunar missions, suggesting that perhaps they did not actually occur. While this blogger will leave it to you what to make of that assertion, it does suggest among other things a look at our U.S. government collections.

Drake Library has been a government depository for many years, meaning that we collect and maintain documents from the federal government of all sorts. Lori Lampert, who has assumed the role of our government documents coordinator this year, has been going through our holdings and has run across many interesting items, including:

  • Where No Man Has Gone Before: a History of Apollo Lunar Exploration Missions, US DCS, NAS 1:.21:4214.

Interested in this or other US (and NYS) government records that we have? Contact Lori, her email is, or ask one of us at the reference desk!

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