Monday, March 31, 2008

Library research help

Uh, no, we won't do your research for you, lol, but if you're stuck and would like some help we'd be glad to do that. Often you can get all the help you need from chatting with one of us, at the reference desk, through an IM and so forth.

Once in awhile though a little more extensive help is needed. Sometimes too we welcome the chance to prep a little before hand with those trickier questions!

Here's an example: someone was researching medicaid spending on people with disabilities. They had gotten some information but were stumped as to where to get more. They clicked on the Research Consultations link on the library home page, logged in, and filled out the short form there. The question got picked up by yours truly, and this week I will be meeting with the person to show them some additional information resources.

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