Thursday, May 29, 2008

ScienceDirect - manuscript download

Many of you are familiar with ScienceDirect, which is a full text article database composed of many prominent Elsevier journal titles. There is a new and exciting feature to this you may not know about - Article in Press. What this means is that all journals included in ScienceDirect will now allow you to see, download and print out those articles which have passed peer review but have not yet been typeset etc. This makes them available 4-8 weeks in advance of when they normally would have been seen.

For an example, go to ScienceDirect, and in the journal box type Advances in Water Resources. Click on go, and then over to your left, on the top of the column of volume numbers, you will see, in bright red, the phrase Articles in Press. Click on that to see the latest articles!

By the way, ScienceDirect is something of a misnomer - there are many good health science and business and economics titles in the database as well for example.

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