Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Do you have the Journal of ....?"

A common question for us is, does the library have a certain journal, or magazine, or newspaper? We may well have, we have a very extensive collection, but, knowing where to look is the trick. It's easy though, just look at the middle of the library home page, where the search box is with the tabs for articles, books... Click on the tab for journals, and then type in the name of your journal (or magazine or newspaper, it works for them all.)

If the screen that comes up has your title, check the dates, and if our dates match what you need, follow through on the rest of the information. Many titles will be online, some in print only, some in both forms for different years. If this all gets a little confusing, it's understandable, do ask us for help.

Of course, if we simply don't have it, you can always get it throught our interlibrary loan service!


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