Wednesday, April 15, 2009

History of the college...?

Whether you're interested to know if your gr-gr-gr-grandfather graduated from here in the 1850s, as a recent caller wanted to know, or if you're curious about "campus" or "training" schools like we used to have, or have other questions about the college's 150 years of history, we may well have answers for you! The best place to start is at the college archives web page.

Campus or training schools? In the old days, from the 1870s thru the 1970s, Brockport, like many other colleges with a teacher training focus, maintained their own elementary schools on campus. Student teachers did their classroom experience right here, under the eye of professional "teacher-critics." Pictured are children and a teacher from the campus school on a field trip to the local firehouse ca1940.

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