Friday, December 11, 2009

Library Hours - Finals Week

Busy busy busy! Your blogger had to scurry around just to refill the printers and clear some jams at 9am this morning, lots of work going on now isn't there?! The library will be open regular hours for you through next Friday the 18th when we will close at 4:30pm. We are closed the following two weeks and will reopen Monday 1/4 @8am. Good luck with your term papers, finals etc., and feel free to ask us if you need any help.


Anonymous said...

I think it is ridiculous that the library is not open until 12:30 Sunday of Exam week.

Drake Memorial Library said...

Sorry for any inconvenience. Although not open Sunday mornings, once we do open at 12:30pm we are open until 1:45 the following morning :-) We do the best we can, and we hope you can appreciate that resources for staff etc. do have limits, especially in this current economy.