Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown's election

The recent election of Scott Brown to the senate seat for Massachusetts has certainly gotten a lot of attention, hasn't it? First Republican senator from that state in many years and so forth... But, let's say you wanted to research this. For example, what actually have been the election results in Massachusetts over the years? A great place to start is in our print reference collection on the main floor, with America Votes, REF JK1967 .A8, a series we have gotten for many years now.

The most recent volume, the 2007/2008, gives you a number of informative tables, including one for "Postwar vote for Senator," covering the senatorial elections in Massachusetts from 1946-2008.


Anonymous said...

Is that online anywhere? Thanks for the information.

Drake Memorial Library said...

No, we just have the print copy here.

Drake Memorial Library said...

PS - it is available online, we will keep it in mind as a possible reference subscription.