Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Librarians, who are they?

They're many sorts of people really, from quite a variety of backgrounds. All librarians have a masters degree in librarianship, but their undergraduate backgrounds are varied. One of us for example was an English major, another a Chinese Studies major and so on. Some of us went straight into librarianship, others worked in a variety of different careers before taking up librarianship.

Some of us work more in the public eye, at the reference desk, and teaching library sessions for your classes. Others work more behind the scene, for example cataloging or overseeing our book ordering.

Over the years we have had several of our student workers go on to become librarians!

We also enjoy the support of a staff of library assistants who do excellent work, both in public service and behind the scenes.

None of us have quite achieved the look of the librarian in the image though, lol.

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