Monday, June 21, 2010

"Shave & a haircut, two bits"

We subscribe to the Encyclopedia Britannica, and a recent posting in their blog recalled the old ditty, "Shave & a haircut, two bits." The blog posting is about shaving, and the invention of the disposable razor blade for use in double edged razors by King Camp Gillette. An interesting post on a early part of the trend towards disposable goods. Gillette was a pioneer of the "loss leader," the idea of giving away something, in this case a razor, in order to create customers for the blades needed in it. Think of the cell phones given away today in order to sell airtime... It also prompts your blogger to think of the interest often shown by our patrons in things like this that have to do with daily life, how people lived and dressed and so on in a particular era. One good way to start with that sort of research is to search our catalog for daily life _________.

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