Thursday, July 22, 2010

ERIC, Education Research...

Doing research that touches on the subject of education in some way? ERIC is something that has been around for many years, and people often turn to it for journal articles. The thing is, our Education Research Complete is truly a far better site for education articles. It covers a much larger group of education journals and periodicals than ERIC does. We recommend using ERIC only for those times where its "ERIC documents" might be of interest. Those are the self published studies etc., often of the "how we did it at our school district" variety. They can be informative and helpful, but for articles from peer reviewed journals etc., go to Education Research Complete.

By the way. if you do want to use ERIC, use this link, or the one in our article database list - the version of ERIC it links to connects you to full text and other resources in a way the actual ERIC web site does not. And don't forget our Education Research Guide! (Pictured here - schoolchildren and teacher, South Dakota, 1913, from the American Memory site.)

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