Monday, September 13, 2010

New kid on the block

The "new kid" is Academic OneFile, a major multidisciplinary article database that we signed up for over the summer. It is similar to Academic Search Complete, in that both index thousands of journals, magazines and newspapers, and allow access to their articles. OneFile actually has a much bigger title list than Academic Search, 13,000 vs 5,000. Does that mean OneFile is twice as good? Not necessarily!

OneFile offers a very large collection upfront, but what you see there is pretty much all there is. Academic Search is smaller upfront, but, in it you can use the choose databases tab and add in a wide range of important databases, e.g. Education Complete or PsychArticles. They both have their points, and we would enjoy hearing what you think of them. Post comments here, we do appreciate your thoughts!

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