Friday, February 11, 2011

Library Blog is now Five Years Old :-)

The library blog was started up in February 2006, making it five years old this month. We hope it has served to showcase our information resources and possibilities to our readers, as well as serving as a pleasant diversion for busy students and staff.

Actually the topic of blogs is one that would be interesting to research, and we have many resources that could help with that. The blog as we think of it came about in the 1990s; one of the earliest bloggers was Justin Hall, who started his blog while a student at Swarthmore in 1994. Wikipedia has a good entry on the history of blogs, and there is a good piece in CQ Researcher on topic. Communication & Mass Media Complete and Project Muse would be great resources for articles on the journalistic, literary and speech qualities of blogs.

Of course, there are those who suggest that blogs are new only in the technology now used to run them, and that in many ways they trace their heritage back to the common place books of the early modern era, and writers like the French essayist Michel de Montaigne.

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