Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Save it, don't lose it: use FileCity!

You're working hard, researching, writing those papers, creating those powerpoints and so on, do yourself a favor, don't risk losing them! When you're on PCs in the library or other campus labs, it's easy to save your file: click on the Office button, "save as," then "desktop" and "FileCity."

If you don't know what FileCity is, you're not alone. Your blogger finds that when he meets with classes in the library only about half of the students know what it is. So, FileCity is a file saving site - every student and staff member has a private folder there, 250mb, which is pretty good sized. The server FileCity is on is backed up regularly, making it a safe storage site. If you aren't on a lab PC, you can still access it by going to filecity.brockport.edu.

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