Thursday, May 05, 2011

Patience & Fortitude

This is the 100th anniverary of the famous New York City Public Library building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Steet; the two iconic lion statues there bear the names Patience & Fortitude, as in the title of today's post. (Pictured here is Patience, on the south side of the steps.) People tend to take public libraries for granted, but they weren't always there, and they do play a vital role in today's world, where information is so in demand. We like to think that Drake Memorial Library is a fine example of a college library, but do keep your public library in mind, for when you're home on vacation or break, or when you graduate. Your need to grow and learn will continue after college, and your public library is there to help you with that need.

We have some books on library history, for example Libraries: an unquiet history, from 2004. There are some good blogs out there too on library history, including this one which has a nice humorous approach!

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