Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Bound Journals"

It seems a little antique nowadays, with so much available online, but occasionally a person does need to go to the bound journal stacks on the ground floor of the library to get the article they want. It's how it was done in the old days, and still is actually for a few journals. We wait until we get the full year of issues, and then they get sent out to a bindery where they are made into books, which we shelve on the ground floor, alphabetical order by title of journal.

Here's how it might work: someone wants an article from Physical Educator, say from the 1960s; if they checked our Journal & Newspaper Listing, putting in the title of the journal, they'd see that while Physical Educator is online, it only goes back to 1990 online; but, there is a link for "print journals in Drake." If you click on that, you'll see a record for the journal; click on the right where it says "Is it here?" That takes you to a screen where you see that we have Physical Educator from 1940-2007 on the ground floor, in other words in the bound print journals. If you ever have questions about any of this, just ask one of us, please!

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