Thursday, June 30, 2011

"What is the reason of this thusness?"

Well, we're not sure what the reason is, although we're sure it was funny at the time, lol, but we did track down this quote that was featured in an old 1929 Saga yearbook photo (the college yearbook, 1929-1996.) The photo was featured in an archives blog post recently.

We found that the quote was from Artemus Ward, an American humorist in the early 20th century (Pictured here.) You can find a lot of quotes online, and to be honest, that's how we found this one, we googled it. But that doesn't always work so well, and we have lots of other resources to track quotations down, or to look for quotes by topic to use in papers and so forth. There are a few quotation books online, like the Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations, but some of the best are in print copy in the reference collection, for example the classic Familiar Quotations by Bartlett, (REF PN 6081 .B27 - there are many others in that same section on the main floor.) Ask one of us if you'd like to know more!

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