Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keyboard shortcuts, or Ctrl-F is a handy thing

One of your blogger's colleagues suggested this piece in The Atlantic as something for the blog, and I am glad she did. Keyboard shortcuts are something that can be real conveniences, but many people are not aware of them. Like the shortcut mentioned in the article, Ctrl-F. Let's say you have a long article or webpage up, and you want to find the part where someone's name is mentioned. If you do the two keys, Ctrl and F, a little box appears in which you type the word you want to find, and then it will go down through the page to find it for you. The Microsoft site has a page with more shortcuts too if you're interested. These shortcuts go back to the days of old PCs like the mid 1980s Corona shown here, and are still useful today!


ZIane said...

CTRL+C CTRL+V CTRL+X are always on my top list

Drake Memorial Library said...

Yes, these shortcuts really can be handy!