Monday, February 13, 2012

Finding a book

Sometimes a person would like to find a book on a particular topic, for example a biography of someone, or a history of a certain country, or a novel by a certain author. In the LITS webpage, which is what comes up on the computers in the library, you'll see a link which says "Find Books." That should do it, right?

When you click on the link though there are a few different choices, so here's a quick guide to the two most important choices. The Library Catalog is what you might guess, it is a catalog of what we own, both physically in this building and online in the case of the ebooks we have nowadays. That would be your first choice, to see if we have that book you want.

If what you want isn't in the Library Catalog, or is checked out, then use WorldCat to find something, either that particular book, or something on your topic. The records in WorldCat are for libraries all around the region and beyond. If you want something you see in WorldCat, use the interlibrary loan link to request it, and we'll get it for you. Simple, right? Well, hopefully, lol, but if it gets confusing, which it can, feel free to ask one of us for help!

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