Thursday, February 02, 2012

Got images?

Need images for that project? To place in your Word document, or PowerPoint? There's lots online you can find through Google, but we have a couple of special databases you might want to consider. One is ArtStor, the other is the Associated Press Multimedia Archive.

ArtStor has an online library of over a million images, of both classic works of art, paintings and the like, and images of objects too, for example tribal masks etc. One collection in ArtStor Photographs of Southeast Asia and Morocco is the Barbara Anello Collection, which is "...approximately 750 images of the architecture, arts, and culture of Southeast Asia and Morocco in the Digital Library. Anello, a photographer and art historian, travelled extensively throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Morocco from 2007-2008. Her field photography focuses on architecture, both historical and vernacular, and aspects of traditional art and culture." Another collection is the Art History Survey Collection, which is about 5,000 high quality color images of classic works of art.

The Associated Press Multimedia Archive has many thousands of images, and some audio files too, ranging from the present back into the late 19th century. The photograph here is from the AP site: "Michigan State quarterback Willie Thrower is shown on Oct. 1, 1951. Thrower, the first black quarterback to play in the Big Ten, helping Michigan State to a national championship in 1952, and the NFL's first black quarterback, died of a heart attack at his home Feb. 20, 2002. He was 71."

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