Thursday, March 29, 2012

Magazine articles from yesteryear: an old school solution

Sometimes a person wants to find articles from magazines from a long time ago. For example, magazine articles from the early '50s about the McCarthy hearings, or from the '30s about the Depression... They can be found, but unlike the journal literature, where a lot is online full text from as far back as a century or more, for example in JSTOR or Academic Search, or the NY Times Historical for newspaper articles, looking for magazine articles is going to call for an old school solution.

That means you'll need to look in an "index," like the Readers Guide (in our reference collection, goes back to the 1890s,) get the "citation," the name of the magazine, date and so forth, and then check in our catalog to see if we have those magazines. If we do, they probably will be in either the microfilm or bound stacks on the ground floor. Yes, it sounds a little complicated, and it is, but many a researcher before you managed it; actually, they had to, it was the only way to do things back when! But if you need help, just ask one of us :-)

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