Thursday, April 05, 2012

ebook readers

Like all technologies that of ebook readers changes rapidly - as does the pricing! It all works to the advantage of the consumer, as these devices have become both more usable and cheaper. Here's where a Google search is handy, and shows a lot of recent reviews of the current range of ebook readers. This cnet page is quite informative. The library has a guide to ebooks, and ebook readers here.

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Dianne said...

It's not surprise people prefer to read their books off a tablet, because they're easier to carry around, not to mention you get to "carry" tons of books, without the added weight. Sure, it's not the same thing as reading a classic paper book, but I for one am glad we'd at least stop the cutting down of trees for this specific purpose :)

It's also incredibly easy to download books and upload them to your ebook reader. I'm always getting my books from all you can books at cheap prices, and download them directly to my e-reader. I have KoboVox. Love it!