Friday, June 15, 2012

Microform 101

Microform, it may seem a bit antique in this digital age, but it still is used. Just this morning someone was looking for a title on the history of the American Canoeing Association that is in our Mic 34 collection of PE theses from other schools for example. Microform is a generic term for a variety of formats, all of which are basically the same concept. Print materials are filmed and then made available as rolls of film (microfilm, shown here,) or filmed onto cards in various sizes and so forth. The main thing is that you need a machine to read them on; we do have several readers, two of which can read and print, and one of which is more sophisticated; it is connected to a PC and you can scan and save from your microform documents. (The scans are pdf files you can easily email, put on a flash drive...)

Anything that is in microform is clearly identified as such in our catalog. All the microform materials are on the ground floor of the library, past where the copiers are. The reader machines are all there too. If you need help with these materials please feel free to ask one of us.

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