Thursday, September 27, 2012

How many same sex couples? How many...?

Sometimes the trickiest part of research is finding statistics. For example, you could go into Academic Search Complete and easily find many articles on same sex couples, some of which might give numbers, but what if you want more detail? Luckily there are many sources of statistical information out there, it's just a question of knowing where to look so you can find something like the 2010 Census Bureau survey of same sex couples.

Whether you are researching same sex couples, occupations broken down by ethnic group, tribal numbers for American Indian tribes or some other topic, we have some helpful resources for you. A good starting point is our library research guide on diversity. Click on the "Stats on Populations" tab to see many general resources, like the Census Bureau, and specific resources, like the report on Arab Americans. Most of our other guides also have information on stats relevant to their subject, for example there are many links to statistical resources in the business guide.

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