Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Research: getting started

Sometimes it is hard to know where to get started with research, whether you're a faculty member or a student. It's great there are so many good resources for finding articles, books, stats and so forth, but it can be a little confusing; where to start, which one has what you need? Then the lineup keeps changing and evolving, again, a good thing overall, but a little hard to keep up with, we know :-)

So we'd recommend that an excellent starting point to learn about our information resources, whether you are researching biocultural adapters in Anthropology, theories of inflation for Business, looking for population statistics for Social Work, or something else, is our lineup of library research guides. There are quite a few of them, they should give you a good idea of what is available, but if you have any questions or don't see what you need, feel free to ask a librarian. Charlie Cowling, pictured here, is one of our librarians who creates these guides, and you are encouraged to contact the author of a guide directly if you'd like; their contact information is in the guide under the "help" tab.

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