Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Belated Ghost Story

Well, this post is a little late for Halloween, but still might be of interest. Can't go wrong with a ghost story, right? The post is prompted by an article in Rochester's City Newspaper about paranormal activity, and some local paranormal investigators. Intriguing story, and the story would certainly fit into many sorts of research, whether on the history of  ghost hauntings, the psychology of it, the folklore aspects etc... We have many books about the paranormal and investigations of the subject, for example the book whose cover is pictured here, about the famous early psychologist William James and his activities with the American Society for Psychical Research. Spiritualism has deep roots in western New York, and we have books about the Fox Sisters, Lily Dale and related subjects. Article databases like Academic Search, PsychInfo and JSTOR would be great research points too. Last but not least, a student here, Jennifer Valaitis, did a paper in 1991 in which she interviewed staff from Hartwell Hall about their encounters with ghosts! You can read the paper, Ghosts of Hartwell Hall, at our Digital Commons.

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