Monday, February 04, 2013

Bats in the belfry?

Well, not bats, but in 1938 barn owls nested in the belfry of the church pictured here. The church is located in Albany, on historic Washington Park, and this information comes from a book in a series we have, the NY State Museum Bulletins, the 1952 Birds of Washington Park. (NYS DOCS MUS 950-4 BULL. 344.)

 The bulletins run from 1888-1973, and are quite a treasure trove of historical, geological, botanical and in this case, ornithological information. The bulletins are in print copy, on the ground floor, in the NYS government documents collection. They can be checked out, and there is an index to them, one copy of which is with the bulletins, the other is online in our Digital Commons. They are of course all in our catalog too.

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