Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finding & Using Articles: Some Tips

   To find articles on a subject a good way to go is to use one of our library guides. They will point you to the most appropriate article sources for your topic, whether you're researching literature, history, plate tectonics, costume design, or some other subject. Once you are in Academic Search, or JSTOR or one of the other databases, you can search for articles and print them out if they look good.

   This blog post however is to suggest that there are other options for when you find your articles. For example, you can email articles to yourself from most any of our databases. This might be handy for example if you are at home or in a dorm, and don't want to print out some lengthy articles on your desk jet printer. Just email them to yourself, then you can bring them up and print them out in one of the PC labs on campus.

   Another option which is in the many databases we get from "Ebsco" is a folder that you can set up, then save results to, and return to later at your convenience. This would be many commonly used databases, like Academic Search Complete, America: History & Life, CINAHL, and PsychArticles. The blue "My Ebsco" button is on display here.

   You can also set up "alerts" in many of the databases, for example, you'll get emails whenever new articles appear with your search terms.

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