Monday, March 25, 2013

"Bound Journals?"

"Bound journals?" This is a bit of a trip into the library of yesteryear, except the past isn't quite over, as these still come into use sometimes. Here's the thing; sometimes when doing research a person discovers that the article they want isn't online in any of our article databases, it is in our print journal collection on the ground floor. Accessing these isn't really that hard, they're basically that big "book" collection on the ground floor, except instead of being books, they are "bound journals." We don't do it so much anymore, but the idea is that every so often we sent out big stacks of loose issues of journals and magazines to a service, and they would return as bound books. They're simply shelved in alphabetical order by title, and once you find what you wanted you can photocopy it or scan it. If you have questions though do ask us :-)

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