Monday, May 13, 2013

Students: preserve your memories

It's busy right now with finals week, and of course for many graduation is coming soon (congratulations!) It probably isn't anything you're thinking about, since it is all still so immediate, but have you ever thought about preserving your memories of college? You have emails from friends and professors, digital photos on a phone or Facebook, maybe other sorts of materials too, print copies of an article a friend wrote in the Stylus and so on. Years from now it would be nice to revisit those memories, but will you still have these things to remember your school years by?

The Library of Congress has a helpful page that makes good suggestions about how to preserve and archive your personal documents, emails, photos and similar items. Your blogger is also the college archivist, and is currently helping members of the Class of '63 plan their 50th Reunion. They have brought in many photos and other items to use in making slideshows and so forth for their reunion, and it would be great if you have some similar materials in 2063 when it is time for your 50th Reunion!

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