Monday, December 02, 2013

Need more articles?

Need more articles for that research paper? Start with the default search on the library home page, under the "Find Articles" tab. That takes you to Academic Search, an excellent starting place. Once there, if you click on "Choose Databases" up near the top of the page, a pop up will launch which shows all the other article databases we get from this source. Just check the ones that seem helpful, and search 2,3, or more at once.

There is everything from hard science to education to psychology and much more there, a veritable cornucopia of articles! Oh, what's a cornucopia? According to the OED, it is:

Forms:  Also cornucopiæ.
Etymology:  A late Latin form, written as one word, of the earlier cornū cōpiae ‘horn of plenty’; fabled to be the horn of the goat Amalthea by which the infant Zeus was suckled; the symbol of fruitfulness and plenty.

 a. The horn of plenty; a goat's horn represented in art as overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn.

1592   R. Greene Maiden's Dreame in Poems 133   [Hospitality] With her cornucopia in her fist.
1611   Bible (A.V.) Transl. Pref. 3   Men talke of Cornu-copia, that it had all things necessary for foode in it.
c1639   T. Dekker & J. Ford Sun's-darling (1656) iv. 32   When Plenty (Summers daughter) empties daily Her cornucopia, fill'd with choisest viands..."

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