Monday, February 03, 2014

Do you have dwellr?

If you are a typical smart phone or tablet user, you likely have many apps on the devices you use. Did you know though that there is now a census app? The folks at the U.S. Census Bureau have come up with the "dwellr" app. Here is what they say about it:

  • Uses your preferences  to create a list of top 25 places and gives you information about each one. 
  • Uses the GPS feature in your phone to provide you with statistics for your current location.
  • Uses statistics that are powered by the American Community Survey, which provides information on more than 40 topics for every neighborhood in the nation, ranging from education to commuting.

Just to clarify, while "dwellr" is initially an app to have some fun and explore places to go or live, it does give access to a wealth of census data. Go to our library guide to U.S. documents or to N.Y. documents to learn more about the wealth of information freely available from government agencies.

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