Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lesser known databases, A-C.

In addition to the many resources we have in print and other forms in the library building, we have quite a few online resources as well. Many of these are familiar to most library users, article databases like Academic Search or JSTOR for example. We have some more specialized resources though that people aren't always aware of, and yet they could be very useful to researchers depending on their needs. Here are a few of them as a sample, we will mention more in future posts, and you can see the whole lineup here.

  • ArtStor: Looking for famous drawings or paintings? Start here, this is a treasure trove of images of not only paintings and drawings, but other objects as well, sculptures, masks and so on. 
  • Associated Press Images Collection: Want photos of the Vietnam War era? The 1940s? Try this site, which covers many years of news makers, events, and of course the Beatles, shown in an AP image here!
  • Birds of North America Online: The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is exploring a plan to reduce or eliminate the mute swan population, a non native species, as a threat to other native species. Learn about the various swan species in this famous ornithological database from Cornell.
  • Canadian Reference Centre: Researching the oil sand and fracking developments in Canada, the plans to import them into the U.S. via the proposed Keystone Pipeline? This would be a great site to focus on news and research on things like that from a wide range of Canadian sources. 

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