Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Does the library have textbooks?

The library has many books, including some textbooks, but we do not necessarily have the textbook for any particular class. The textbooks we have may be part of the circulating collection, and if so you can see about checking them out. They may be part of the reserve collection which means in building use only.

How do you know whether we have what you want? Search under the "Articles, Books, Videos & More" tab on the library web page. Just put in the title of your book, and hit enter. If you see it in the list click on the title to see more information; where it is etc. (Hint: you can limit to books only by clicking on the link for that on the left hand column.)

As always, if you aren't sure what the record means, why you can't seem to find something and so forth please do ask one of us for help.

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