Monday, September 22, 2014

Country Information

Sometimes people need to research a particular country, or compare two countries, or look at a region of a country. We have many books and articles available about different parts of the world, you can search them on our web page. Another handy site is our research guide to country information, which suggests not only article and book sites, but a number of helpful reference or background sites, including for example:

  • Background Notes, from the US Department of State. Excellent, informative and up to date entries on different countries, relevant statistics...
  • Countries and Their Cultures, a great online encyclopedia.
  • Europa World Yearbook. This is a print set in the reference collection on the main floor, REF JN1 .E85, 1959-date. It may not be online but it is up to date, and has solid scholarly and informative entries on the history, politics, economy and so forth for each country.

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