Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ask us!

We often encourage people to ask us for help if they need it. We try to assure them, you're not bothering us, that's why we're here! Let us share some recent questions we have received, as an idea of the things you can ask.

  • Do I need to bring books back to renew them? No, you can do it online.
  • I need books on something from before the 1500s. Some suggestions made, an area of the book collection given to look in.
  • Is the book I ordered through interlibrary loan in? Turned out they'd only requested it an hour before, explained that while speedy, the service is not quite that fast!
  • How do I sign up for the computer skills exam? Showed them how via their Angel account.
  • Where are books on fall prevention in the elderly? Showed them how to search for books, where they are...
  • I need help with MLA citations. Showed the MLA help page, made some suggestions.

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