Monday, January 25, 2016

"Bound journals"

Let's start the new semester off with something a little old, "bound journals." You won't have to use these the way people once did, but it may come up, you never know. Even in 2016 not everything is available online!

If you run across something that is in the bound journals, it simply means those "books" on the ground floor. They aren't regular books, they're journals or magazines, and at the end of every year we send them out and they get "bound," or made into books. Like the old Scientific Americans from the WWI era in this photo. The bound journals are shelved A-Z by title. You can read them in the library, or photocopy or scan them with one of our scanners. (If you have a smart phone you could take pictures of the pages, or use an app like Office Lens to scan them."

If you have any questions with any of this please ask one of us!

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