Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fourth Dimension & MetroCenter

As you may know, we have a downtown campus in Rochester, our MetroCenter. Did you know however that it is rather close to the fourth dimension? Heh heh, well, at least the architect of the building was. The building MetroCenter is in was designed by Claude Bragdon, a Rochester architect active in the early part of the 20th century.
As well as being an architect, Bragdon was quite interested in mystical and spiritual things, and like some others in that era became intrigued not only by the mathematics of a fourth dimension, but by the possibilities some imagined it might represent for reincarnation and life after death.
City Newspaper just ran a well done article on Bragdon, and the Rochester Public Library web site has information about him as well.
We have some books about the fourth dimension in our catalog, including the famous 19th century book, Flatland, a romance in many dimensions by Abbot. Or, if you want to get into the math of all this, try MathSciNet :-)

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