Thursday, September 02, 2010

Meet the library staff

Your blogger thought it might be of interest to run an occasional post featuring one of our library staff as a way of helping you to get to know us, and feel more comfortable in asking us for help.

Library staff fill a myriad of roles. This wide ranging focus calls for a variety of roles and postions. Many library staff are what we here call "library assistants" and are civil service staff. They carry out any number of vital tasks, from running our circulation desk to handling the ordering of books and much more. Some library staff are "librarians," meaning that, in addition to a bachelor's degree, they have a Masters in Library or Information Science. These folks work with you at the reference desk, teach classes about library resources, catalog, organize and administer the library. Nowadays we have several staff who are "professionals," and they do things like run our interlibrary loan service or engage in the IT side of library operations. Think of it as a diverse staff to serve our diverse public :-)

Some of our staff are relatively new to the profession, some have been here for many years. All of us are committed in our various capacities to organizing and making accessible our information resources in the way most useful and contemporary to you, our patrons. This emphasis on service and committment to continually improving and upgrading our resources goes back many years. In the photo here are several Drake staff of the 1950s looking at a new microfilm machine, a high tech device in its day! Soon we will have an occasional post featuring one of our dedicated staff members.

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