Monday, November 15, 2010

Adding to your print quota

If you need to it's pretty easy to add to your print quota. You can do it online with a credit card by clicking on where it says "details" in the print quota software popup. (If you closed it you can always get that popup by clicking on the little triangle, the hidden icons button on the bottom right of the display toolbar.) This "PaperCut" software runs on the lab machines, including those at MetroCenter. Or, you can buy $5 blocks of printing from the circulation desk in the library using cash or a check.

We hope the print quota system is working for you and makes sense. As a "green" initiative it has been quite successful, allowing for a huge reduction on printing - the printing this fall is approximately 1/2 that of last fall. We do very much want the system to work for you, and urge you to let us know of any comments or suggestions.

A tip: you can definitely ask for refunds in those cases where the printer jammed and ate your job, the toner ran out and you can't read the printout etc. Just bring up that print quota software, "PaperCut," and click on "details." Then click on "recent print jobs," and you can see a line for each job with an optional link for requesting a refund.


Anonymous said...

Will the printing money left from this semester roll over to next semester?

Drake Memorial Library said...

Yes, it will.