Thursday, November 18, 2010

From the local to the global

Looking for books? Use the library catalog first, via the link here, the Find Books link, or the "Books & More" tab on our home page. This will tell you what we have on hand. If you want more though, there is a way to look at what's out there in other libraries, not just this particular library.

WorldCat is the site we link to that will give you a global search of libraries all over. Basically it's a collection of catalog records from libraries, and is pretty comprehensive. In the record for a book or DVD etc. it will tell you if we own it - if we aren't listed, then you can definitely ask us to get it through "inter-library loan."

   There are a couple of links for WorldCat. One is new, the WorldCat Quick Deliveries, the other the standard WorldCat site. The first helps break down libraries by location, giving you an idea of how local a book is, either to request it through inter-library loan, or to even go get it yourself, for example if it's at the Rochester Public Library and that's a place you use anyway. The other is the "classic" WorldCat view, with all the various search options, a comprehensive record of what books etc. are out there in libraries.

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